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Advisory Services

Advisory services from Piedmont Triad commercial brokerage

Advisory services from Piedmont Triad commercial brokerage Meridian Realty Group can prove valuable to your decision-making process. Seeking a way for our knowledgeable, experienced, skilled brokers to contribute to successful commercial real estate sales, purchases, and leases, Meridian Realty Group originated the concept of advisory services in the Piedmont Triad.

Our commercial real estate advisory services assist both sides of transactions — buyers and sellers, lessors and lessees — in determining what the right move is. Use a Lease vs. Sales Analysis to determine if an outright sale or a sale with leaseback is most beneficial to you.

With a Market Analysis or a BPO (Broker’s Price Opinion) in hand, you can decide whether or not making improvements to your commercial property will increase its value.

A Retail Gap Analysis can clarify the supply and demand conditions of the Piedmont Triad market for your commodity.

Want to ensure you are asking the right questions? Let our Due Diligence Consultation confirm that for you.

Rezoning assistance from leading Piedmont Triad commercial brokerage

Rezoning can be a goldmine or a landmine! With Planning and Zoning Navigation or Rezoning Assistance from our problem-solving brokers you can ensure success for your commercial real estate project. This area of commercial real estate is vital — so much so that we are committed to keeping a certified planner on staff.

Our cooperative team approach, sharply honed negotiating skills, and in-depth knowledge of the Piedmont Triad commercial real estate market will contribute to a successful Site Selection for you.

Global corporate services from local leaders

The unique requirements of our corporate clients are met, and their expectations exceeded, by our knowledgeable and experienced brokerage and management staff. The same personal, proactive service we provide our individual clients is extended to our corporate clients as well. Networking with our professional colleagues across town, throughout the state, or around the world, we offer advisory, brokerage, and property management solutions to our corporate clients with the insight, dedication, and out-of-the-box thinking we are known for locally. We are flexible and efficient, excelling at crafting the strategy to advance your position and then flawlessly executing it.

While we have called out a few of our established advisory services, this is a good time to reiterate that, above all, we are problem-solvers. Explain your needs to us, ask your questions. We will find a solution for you!

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